Why the Happy Couples do not Shout About Their Relationship on Social Networks


happy couple

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We live in a strange time when one status on the Internet often means more than what happens in reality. People readily appreciate the lives of their friends and acquaintances from the photos appear in their social networks, and what status they post. And people are often wrong.

In most cases, couples post their photos and various relation related statuses on social media. But study says, happy couples do not devote their entire life on the internet.

When people are happy in a relationship, they live here and now. If all is well in the real world, you just do not see the point in spending time on the online unnecessarily and writing posts. This is the strong evidence that you are happy with your partner in real life.

Happy couples don’t post statuses relating their relationships. Problems can come and there are always solutions. You don’t need to tell everyone that you have a problem in your relationship. Conflicts can be resolved through direct communication.

Happiness is just to be on good terms with your loved ones, not to post new proof of your love on your page.

No one should prove anything. People need not use each other to prove they are happy, successful and loved. They are together because they want to, not because of a tick in the “marital status”. But, of course, it is peoples’ personal matter whether they will keep their personal life personal or do marketing.

And the main thing

Researchers found that people who do not use social networks, in general, more happy, because it does not deal with the constant comparison of himself with colleagues and friends, who always seem something better. We often forget that the main thing that relationships and feelings make our real life rather than the pursuit of illusory recognition on the network.


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