The Story of Manuel Romasanta: The Movie “Perfume” Wasn’t Entirely a Fiction!


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History of French serial killer who had a truly unique sense of smell seems so fantastic that no one even doubts in the fact that the story is fictional. However, the film “Perfume” – is not the fruit of a sick imagination of the writer Patrick Suskind. You may be surprised, but the legendary serial killer was a real prototype, committed such crimes that are not on the pages of the books or in the narrow European streets.

A real maniac, who became the inspiration for Perfume’s story, called Manuel Blanco Romasanta. Yes, and he lived not in France as Suskind described, he was an inhabitant of Spain. The villain had sent more than a dozen people to the light!

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The monster was born more than two centuries ago, in November 1809. The mother gave birth to the child with great difficulty, and problems with the fetus that did not take long to wait: it was impossible to say exactly what sex the baby was of. Doctors, without thinking twice, decided that the “unknown critter” was more like a girl. Mother of the strange creature took this information to the faith and baptized the child as Manuela. The child began to dress as a girl and educate as one as well. Only six years later, it turned out that the doctors were wrong, and Manuela had hastily renamed Manuel. However, mistakes in education already caused damage to the psyche of the future serial killer.

Grown Manuel was promoted to the traveling salesman, and because of this, he was seen often on the road. This is what has helped him to commit atrocities in the different regions of Spain. Romasanta’s first murder occurred in 1844. He hand hit a Constable (that is, someone like a police officer) at the province of Leon Vincent Fernandez. Law enforcement officers quickly found who may be involved in the man’s death, and invited Manuel to court. At that time, Romasanta realized that he was called to obviously, so he decided drink coffee at cafes, and not to discuss the latest gossip. However, Manuel was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison.

Serving in jail did not stop the killer. He felt the pungent taste of blood, so now, as the prosecution does not frighten him Romasante painfully wanted to deal with his new victims. Manuel moved to a small village Rebordekao and settled there: he earned his bread washing, cleaning, cooking and crafting. The locals were extremely surprised to find that their new neighbor is engaged exclusively in women’s work, and called him too gentle or “Belorukov.”
Soon after this, in the village he was staying and several neighboring villages, strange things started to happen. Some of the villagers came out of the house and disappeared forever, others are dead, and their bodies were brutally massacred. Often the corpses looked so damaged that even close relatives could identify them with great difficulty. The villagers quickly realized that Manuel has a direct relation to the murders and disappearances. To do this, you did not need to be Sherlock Holmes: Romasanta had not tried to hide. For example, he was caught behind attempting to sell some household items and valuables, which the missing residents owned!

Manuel Romasanta

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Romasantu got arrested soon. The investigation revealed that he tore at least nine people. Their people were able to establish the accusations, but couldn’t decide why would he do such things. By the way, among the serial killer victims were not only men, but also representatives of the fair sex, and young children. Among the terrified inhabitants of the surrounding villages, rumors began to spread that the monster even arranged a waste-free production workshop in his home and boiled soap from the bones and fat of their numerous victims.

The trial was extremely interesting: Manuel began to convince the jury that he was a werewolf. Romasanta even found his mysterious transformations of scientific explanation: he believed that he was ill by “clinical likanotropiey,” one symptom of which is precisely responsible for a man’s transformation into a terrible beast, like a wolf. Reasonable people only have twisted their fingers to their temples, but the court found that the four victims still had marks from the teeth and claws of furry monster. However, the remaining victims were enough to send Manuel to the light. He was sentenced to the most popular in Spain, referring to the death penalty – to “garrotirovaniyu.” This execution method is meant by a strangulation with a special tool – Garrote, also affectionately called “syrorezkoy.”


Executing with “Garrote”

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It would seem that fate was sealed abruptly, but Romasantu was saved by a miraculous fortune. The story of his fantastic transformation from human to wolf reached the Queen of Spain “Isabella the 2nd.” She took his word for it and told the authority to abolish the death penalty. Instead, Isabella ordered Romasantu forever locked in a dungeon. She put to Manuel the best doctors and scientists, so they could study the unprecedented phenomenon of human-wolf. However, doctors were unable to extract any information: Surprisingly, the mysterious transformation never happened with Romasanty over a ten-year conclusion. In 1863, maniac died in prison from stomach cancer.
Romasanta was the prototype not only perfumes, but also other cinematic killers. For example, the story is told in the 2004 film “Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt”


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