5 Professional Tricks to Enhance Creativity


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Have you ever wondered how creative people get their creativity to further develop their work at the highest level? In this article we will tell how successful people are able to enhance creativity.

This is certainly a very important skill for people because it allows them to generate new ideas and find the best ways to solve possible problems in their daily lives.

1. Follow your references

Depending on which area we want to explore our creativity, we should follow people who are creative in that area. For example, if we want to be creative in art it is desirable to follow all the trends that generate the most creative people; just as if we apply this creativity in the business world we should follow entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves by their creativity and ideas.

Following references does not mean we should copy what creative people do. We just need to see how they evolve so that we can internalize without realizing these creative processes. In addition, it being at the forefront in the different trends in our industry will help us get closer to the next innovation.

For example, if we talk about business, knowing what trends are more triumphing at the moment can help us generate new business idea related to these trends.

2. Surround yourself with creative people

Creativity is enhanced when we are in the group. In creative processes, ideas and different viewpoints that people have can generate more ideas. Moreover, creative people around you make you feel like doing something passionate.

For example in a brainstorming session, a person may have a good idea, but the other person who hear this idea is capable of generating a new and even better idea. Along with creative people, you will be nourished.

3. Practice

People say, creative people comes naturally; you can’t be creative if you don’t have that charm. I am not telling that everyone can be creative, but creativity must be practiced. If you don’t practice your skill, you will not be able to implement. If you want to promote it you must be constantly stimulate it with new ideas, experiments and analysis. If you want to be a creative artist, you have to draw and sketch with much attention.

You may not initially get your goal, but the practice will lead you to closer.

4. Ask yourself the right questions

Creative people are always asking questions. Why is it like this? How have you been able to achieve this? Which of these options is the best?

If you want to enhance creativity you must constantly ask questions, the right questions will lead you to the right answer which will also speed up your creativity. Imagine for a moment about Da Vinci, his big ideas did not come to him out of nowhere, they did not come alone direct to his head; Da Vinci made the right questions and then gave the creative responses that met those issues.

5. Use specific techniques

In addition to all these points we have discussed, there are specific techniques to encourage creativity at a given time. Just to give some examples we will mention the following:

Brainstorming: One of the best known techniques to encourage creativity. It involves throwing ideas out without judgment on them. The aim is to postpone the trial for later and thus not “kill” ideas that although its origin cannot be perfect, can lead to other best ideas.

Brainwriting: This technique is performed in groups and aims to collect innovative ideas to develop a project or solve a problem. Its operation is very simple: First you must explain what the purpose of Brainwriting and then a team member must write down on paper the first three ideas that come to mind and pass the role to another member. The member should read the following three written ideas and write three new ones. This technique gives birth to new ideas and thereby enhances creativity.


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