The 15 Craziest and Bizarre Comic-Book Related Incidents ever to Make News


In 15 years of dedication to the journalistic coverage of the world of comics, the “Universe HQ” also notable for spreading news about real life events that, directly or indirectly, were related to the ninth art.
Funny, sad, tragic, scary, exciting or revolting. One way or another, these facts turned as the bizarre news contents that gained by transforming simple comic characters – or other elements of comic books – protagonists in the real world.

The daughter who planned the death of their parents because of their manga collection. A Captain America stalker who was arrested for sexual harassment. The mighty Thor involved in a lawsuit. Mickey Mouse sentenced to death by Islamists. The toxin Joker was discovered by scientists.

We selected these and other facts to compose a list of the 15 most bizarre news published by UHQ . Take a look at the following list below and check them out – again or for the first time.

#1 Seminude women help sell comic in comic shop (Date: January 18, 2006)

A woman, half naked, beautiful and statuesque body, develops languid movements while holding a comic book of provocative and inviting way.

Before any hasty conclusion, it is good to settle down tempers, as this is not an erotic tale of introducing men’s magazine, but the description of the well thought (or appealing) little way that a US comic book store found to attract customers.

Located in Winter Park, Florida, The Comic Shop is advertising on the Internet several photos and videos of beautiful models, dressed in skimpy outfits (or no part of them), posing inside the store next to the HQs.
The model of time is the blonde Marisa M, of 29 years. And they are already announcing, for short, another poster girl with another take of photos and sexy videos.


Seminude women help sell comic in comic shop (Date: January 18, 2006)

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