This is Why You Should NEVER Set the Date of Your iPhone to 1970


It should not be a surprise to many people that the technology has its flaws, especially when dealing with smartphones . A bug in iPhone was discovered recently and is already causing a lot of headaches for users of the Apple product.
The error can cause the device to be completely unusable! What happens is this: if you set the phone’s clock to January 01, 1970, it simply becomes useless. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “Of course I will never set my phone to that date.” But you forget that this is the Internet, a place full of indescribable deceives.
iPhone to 1970

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The image above supposedly first appeared on 4chan forum and encourages users to look for an “Easter egg” in iOS that puts the old company logo on your display.
Do not do it! First, because it makes no sense; the Apple did not even exist until 1976. Most importantly you should not do this because it will turn your iPhone into a very expensive piece of useless metal. Restore settings through iTunes will not help. You will need a physical correction, or possibly a new phone.
The bug seems to affect only the 64-bit iOS devices, which means that the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 are mostly affected. This error is almost certainly related to the same Unix fault that hit Facebook.
The date 1/1/70 has a value of zero on a Unix system, which in this case leading to a breakdown in the software.

It also happened on Facebook

Some users of Facebook also experienced a strange bug that was related to that date. The social network showed a congratulatory 46 year friendship with other users. This is strange for many reasons. Facebook is not even 10 years old and some of the users who saw this message were much younger than 46 years.
The company did not reveal the culprit, but said they were aware of the problem. “We identified this bug and fixer team solved it so everyone can get young again,” said a company spokesman to The Verge.
While Facebook’s mistakes do not usually arouse the interest of the public, except when dealing with privacy, this particular error happened with a background story that refers to computer science. Although not confirmed by Facebook, some people are suggesting that the error is the same as the iPhone, related to Unix.

It also happened on Facebook  iPhone to 1970

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Unix is an operating system for many of the world’s servers. It counts time from zero intervals and a second. The date that the clock began to run was January 1, 1970 at midnight in Greenwich Mean Time – 46 years ago.

Every second from that point is known as time of day, and that’s why some devices may mysteriously change to December 31, 1969. Thus, the theory is that, as your digital clock can be restarted by accident, the time when you became friends with someone on Facebook might accidentally reset itself too, as the date in the cell.

Unix  iPhone to 1970

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