One Trick to Remember Any Information Once and for All


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We all know Sherlock in the eponymous series memorizes vast amounts of information. What trick did he use? He used the technique of memory called “Halls of mind.” And many probably dream about the ideal memory where no item is “lost” in due course. It turns out that it is not difficult to learn and can each achieve impressive results.

How to build “palaces of the mind”

The “memory palace” or the reception memory is based on the idea of memories in the forms of objects. Close your eyes and imagine the room. It is best to fit the real room, you know very well, but you can use an imaginary place. In it, you will store information.

“Halls” can occupy a single room and a palace – like Sherlock. It may even be street. To learn the ropes, build a route and “walk” through it a few times.

The most important thing is filling the “palaces.” Memories are stored as objects. For example, to remember a meeting with a man, “hang” his portrait on the wall. It is important to record the location of objects, and then it will be easier to find them in the memory.

The brighter the image, the easier it is to remember

Here you sit at a table and best friend is drinking tea from a cup. He is wearing coat and white gloves. On the table – a figure in the form of a cat, painted in blue color. You come closer and see that your friend is sitting without shoes, striped socks …

Let things be evident shape, size, color. You can add sounds, smells, lighting effects.

Of course, this is not the only way of interpretation.

Sherlock developed this skill at the highest level for his “memory palace” since childhood. The most important thing – a regularity: visit those “palaces” as often as possible. Browse your collection of memories and add new ones.

Try experimenting and get amazing result soon…


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