10 Things You didn’t know What Really for


In our daily life, we handle a lot of staff, equipment and devices. But clearly, not everyone knows what is the use of many of the things we see and use every day.

It might even happen that we take some object and we give an incorrect utility, which is not serious, but knowing their true purpose can do no harm.

#1 Tiny buttons on the pockets of our jeans

Many people think that they are only a nuisance to put things in their pockets. But its usefulness is much greater: their real name are the rivets and seams responsible for our pockets not tearing after a big wash or daily use, the buttons keep the joints together and stronger. In 1829, the creator of Levi’s pants created these buttons, which have remained with us to the present time.

Tiny buttons on the pockets of our jeans

Image Credit: damn.com


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