Sunglasses Actually Expire And Can Ruin Your Eyes!


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Expiration dates apply everywhere: on your fridge, on your cosmetics and now on your shades!

Recent research has shown that the sunglasses are not eternal and you have to change sunglasses every two years (for people who wear for 2 hours in a day)!

Every year, with the approach of summer we start reading many articles warning about the dangers of the sun on the skin. Skin aging, risk of sunburn and the list goes on. But the topic of glasses is less discussed. Of course, it goes without saying that when the light is too strong, wear sunglasses for both comfort and health.

But did you know that your anti-UV lenses have an expiration date? According to two researchers from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, with time, the glasses lose some of their protective capacity.

How glasses they lose their effectiveness?

Two major reasons due to which your sunglasses become unusable emerged from this study. First, the more you wear your glasses; their ability to resist against UV weakens. And the last thing is the scratches on glasses. Even if the scratches are not visible to the naked eyes, the lenses are definitely damaged.

What are the risks of wearing sunglasses outdated?

Two areas are concerned with wearing sunglasses: the eye itself and the surrounding skin. Exposing your eyes to sunlight is to multiply the risk of cancer and cataracts. Less severe but still to be considered: wrinkles appear faster around the eye if it is regularly attacked by the sun. If you do not yet know the exact expiration date of sunglasses, it is assumed that you need to change glasses in every two years.


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