4 Reasons Analyzing Why Consciousness is Superior to Science


Consciousness is the quality or state of intense awareness, or being cautious of an extrinsic object or exploring something new within one’s entity. In other words consciousness can be defined as a blend or inclusion of enlightenment, subjectivity, capacity to feel or experience, sense of selfhood, and of course mind controlling capacity. And, science is knowledge or study of the natural world based on certain facts learned through observation and experiments. And, all the branches of knowledge are derived from conscious state of awareness. Consciousness is not science but scientific doctrines are the outcome of a consciousness. Actually, consciousness is a vast sea of awareness and there science along with all other doctrines, theories is just parts of consciousness. So folks! let’s have a glimpse on comparative analysis why consciousness is superior to science.

Science Doesn't Make Moral Judgments but Consciousness Does:

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01. Science Doesn’t Make Moral Judgments but Consciousness Does:

When does a person decide to commit suicide? What global rights should human have? Should other animals have basic rights? Scientific research can’t answer exactly those questions, only science can help us describing how the world is, but it can’t make any apprehension about whether that state of affairs is right, wrong, bad or good. But any enlightened person can easily have all answers about all moral issues.

02. Science Doesn’t Make Aesthetic Judgments but Consciousness Does

Science Doesn't Make Aesthetic Judgments but Consciousness Does

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Science only reveal the density or frequency of a stuff notation/scale like-D minor and how our eyes transmit information about color to our brains, but science never be able to tell us whether a Mozart symphony composition, Ravi Shankar’s sitar performance, a Kabuki performance, or a Picasso paintings is dreadful or beautiful or not. Individual measures those perimeter based on their conscious observation or own aesthetic criteria.

03. Science can’t Answer Questions about Value but Consciousness Can

Science can't Answer Questions about Value but Consciousness Can

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Scientific research can’t able to answer the question like-“Which flower smells worse between a rose and tulip? Which one is more valuable, one bottle of wine, or one liter of water? To a wealthy person surely wine is a subject of enjoyment, but to thirsty person amid the bare desert one liter of water will get more preference than wine. Actually consciousness generates value, ethic, and all norms that science doesn’t do.

04. Science Doesn’t Draw Conclusions about Supernatural Explanations but Consciousness Can Clarify

Science Doesn't Draw Conclusions about Supernatural Explanations but Consciousness Can Clarify

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Does have any existence of GOD? Do supernatural objects interfere in human affairs? These questions may have significant importance, but science won’t be able answering them. Questions that deal with supernatural explanations are, by definition, beyond the realm of natural aspect — and hence, also beyond the realm of what can be observed or studied by science. For many, such questions are subjects of spirituality and personal faith.And only intense consciousness level will enable experiencing supernatural or spiritual existence.


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