How to Concentrate at Work When You’re Tired?


How to Concentrate at Work

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You have finished eating. Back to the office or study hall and you must continue the work you left before leaving. You sit at the table and need a coffee. After finishing coffee, you would like to take a power nap. The fact is, taking a nap is not always easy when you have a lot of work pressure.

Today we are going to teach a few little tricks that you can apply to your everyday life to concentrate on the task you get to do, even if you are tired.

Be a chameleon

A good technique to keep working on the task that touches you is sit next to someone who is focused and working. If you are a student, try to sit in the library near someone who is focused and working hard and if you work in an office, stand near a partner focused on his task.
The chameleon effect does the rest. People feel the need to adapt to the environment, on the one hand, as an example or good image of themselves on the other. So if you try only to ‘fit’ in the environment or ‘make a good impression,’ you will see how you get focus in the end.

Get yourself an ally

It is seen that many students eat together and after finishing, most of them try to enter in sleep mode. But when we have an ally, we usually are more productive.

Try to put a challenge: if both of you concentrate on job until 7pm, you may go for a beer; if none is concentrated, no beer that day; if only you concentrate and he does not, he should invite you for the weekend beer (and vice versa).

When we have a challenge and a reward involved, we act to get it. It is an operant behavior, as it is called in psychology.

Take a walk

If you have eaten within the company or within the university, perhaps a good option is to go out and take a walk for 10 or 15 minutes around the neighborhood. After a walk, you will feel fresh. Nature does many things what we usually don’t understand.

Think big

Sometimes we are tired because it’s been a long day at the office or because we have spent all day studying in the library. Sometimes it helps to think further, think about the main reason why we must do the task before us, to get motivated.

Think you do that task to get a new customer for your business, or you do to keep your job and collect money at the end of the month, or study for exam because you want to get a scholarship for which you need a high note, etc.

Find your reason to motivate and focus again on what you left. Following those rules will help you concentrate at work when you are tired.


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