Apple Will Introduce Its New MacBook Pro on October 27!


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Apple’s Mac business is not much lightning as its smartphone business. But it requires a major focus for apple. On October 27 Apple will present its new Mac computers. Long enough that Apple does not make big changes on their computer and as previously reported Bloomberg, changes in the MacBook Pro will be the most significant since the arrival of the retina screens these devices and 4 years. The presentation will not take place in San Francisco (where the company usually holds events), but in the new Apple campus in Cupertino. According to analysts, due to a lack of new models sales of Apple computers slowed in the third quarter.

According to some rumors, the company will introduce a new laptop MacBook Pro, which will include an OLED touch screen instead of the traditional function keys. Its distinguishing feature may be the ability to customize the software, depending on the application being used at that time. Experts do not exclude that the update also includes a more affordable range of MacBook Airs and iMacs. Shares of the company fell 0.3% at the end of Wednesday’s session. The capitalization of Apple now exceeds 630,000 million. On October 25 the company will present its quarterly reports.

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