Why Draw, Even When you Do Not Know Drawing?


Image Credit: ytimg.com

A recent study proved that drawing is useful for each of us, regardless of artistic ability.

Many people do not make drawing a hobby, believing that people need to be talented enough to do so. I have met people who refuse even to draw a funny face or a flower on the notebook sheet, explaining that that just do not know how to draw. Probably, they met with serious criticism of their drawings that imprinted in the form of trauma and they hate drawing forever.

Rejecting the drawing, you are missing a lot. Maybe you do not get recognition and even no one will show your creations, but the process is worth it to try. When you draw, especially with your favorite music, time flies, you’re fully immersed in the process and feel great. And this is not my personal feelings; study also suggests the same thing.

The study was conducted by some researchers and the results were published in the journal Therapy. The study shows the reduction of the levels of cortisol is linked with participants’ responses following the art making. It suggested that the creative process significantly reduces the levels of hormones associated with stress. Besides, no matter how good the final product, the value is the action itself.

Participants were given markers, paper, glue, materials for collage and asked to draw or glue anything they want in 45 minutes.

The researchers found that 75% of participants significantly decreased levels of cortisol – a stress hormone.
Moreover, there was no connection between cortisol levels and artistic skills of the participants. Most people who have created something in the course of the experiment, felt less tensed, regardless of past experience and the availability of drawing talent.

If you stand a difficult day, sit down and draw something. In this case, you do not have to learn to draw, because no matter how good or bad your drawing is. You, in any case, relieve the tension and feel better.


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