The Technique of a Glass of Water to Wake up in 1 Minute


a Glass of Water

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With the technique 4-7-8, a lot of people discovered a simple method to fall asleep, which is why many of people also ask about if there are also some other tricks to wake up fast in the morning. Here is the technique of a glass of water.

I am also one of those people who suffer every morning when the alarm goes off and it takes a long time to wake up. I did not know any trick to get up early, but as it was a necessity, I started reading. After trying many methods that I read in books and the Internet, I found this one that really worked: The technique of glass of water to wake up in 1 minute.

If you are thinking that the technique is throwing the glass in the face, you better keep reading …

Before going to sleep fill a glass of water and leave it on your nightstand. When the alarm sounds drink the glass of water at once and stand up. Easy, right? And it is really effective. If you can pass the test for only three days, you will have a faster and more efficient morning awakening.

Does it really works? Why it works?

The 4-7-8 technique may not work for everyone because each person is different; however there are many testimonies of people on the internet who claim that this process worked very well.

But why it works? As you know a person’s body is composed largely of water, approximately 65% of our body is water and in some organs the percentage can rise to 75% as is the case of the brain. We need plenty of water. Our living environment snatches a lot of good system from our body, so we need to nurture our body well. Air-conditioned is also very harmful. But as we can’t sleep without A/C, we need to drink a lot of water to maintain our body.

When we sleep we spent about 8 hours without drinking water even though we keep losing it through sweat or urine stored in our bladder. In the morning when we wake up we are “dehydrated” many of our organs are in a mode of lethargy and you can reactivate them by drinking water.

Dehydration prevents us easily get up in the morning, if we drink a full glass of water; our body interprets this hydration process and begins to be activated, if you stand up, you’re ready to start the day.


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