Why It’s Pointless to be Afraid of Black Cats?


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Before beginning this text we’d like to do a quick exercise with you: think of a list of 3 things that comes to your mind when I say “black cat”. It can be anything, close your eyes and think without prejudice! Got? Wonder!

We will make a guess here, but we’re pretty sure that one of the words that you think are related to some degree with “witchcraft”, “Halloween”, “rituals” or something. But do not feel bad thinking that’ll give you an earful, so we want to raise something else here: Have you ever stopped to think why we relate black kittens with witchcraft, even in 2016?

It’s funny how some ancient legends and prejudices persist in our society today. This is because, after all, in this wonderful world, that have the Internet, which have made access to information extremely easy and fast – but despite that, some things exist in our memory forever, either by popular culture that we learn at some point in life, and do not remember when it happened, or those things that our grandmother has left to our mother, who passes for us and so on.

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The story with black kittens got there in the eleventh century when many of them lived in regions populated by witches: the black color was closely associated with black magic and nocturnal habits of cats have made the relationship between cats and “the darkness of the night” even stronger. From that date, the cats were constant targets of persecution, as well as the witches who were burned in the public square for the blame of association with the presence of evil spirits. Thus, the ratio of prejudice was simple: if you had a black cat not only would you be supporting the witches and black magic, you would be considered a member of their cursed house!

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Unfortunately, this concept persisted, supported from pop culture (The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe and even Salem, black kitten Sabrina, sorceress’s apprentice), as the constant association of cats to Halloween and Friday the 13th – to even in advertising campaigns!

So now you know why we feel weird sometimes when we come close to a black cat, and as you can see, they are innocent creatures just like the white and brown cats; they are just unfortunate victims of culture and irrational superstition.


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