5 Signs Facebook Might Beat Google in Five Years!


Today, Facebook is one of the biggest tech companies around and that’s just not it; they are pushing it for more to become the number 1 player in the game. You might be wondering why I called it a tech company instead of a social media giant, which is because, despite Facebook’s main purpose to serve as a social media platform, its functionality has expanded and today its existence has gone to a level that it started to rival more assorted, global companies like Apple, Microsoft, and especially Google. With its unbeatable search engine and capability in many different areas, Google might be the one and only player in the tech game that can compete with Facebook.

Facebook is Winning on Mobile and Video

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Facebook is making its way forward with the innovation and splendid development. However most of its forward thinking functions are still at the start point, but it still seems realistic to think that the company can and will grow as a dominant force in the social web war and it will be happening within a very short time-frame. What if we say, Facebook can beat Google’s position as all of its achievements are entirely achievable. Let’s take baby steps and see the how Facebook can beat Google in five years.

01. Advertise Revenue: Better and Cheaper Advertise

A mobile advertising veteran De Silva who keeps a close eye on the rapidly changing and expanding mobile advertise space. According to him, Facebook is the number one player or if it is not actually, then it will be within a year. Most people think that Facebook might be at the number two position after Google but that is wrong. Just because you are a giant tech-gorilla with hundred million pounds in search, does not make you a significant player in the display. Facebook ads have a brilliant interface of an in-depth metric analysis tool and excellent resources to place your ads with cheap price while placing the same ad on Google AdWords is much more expensive. Day by day, Facebook is learning and more and more about it population and thus they are preparing their offers and more potential tools for better and cheaper advertise facility. There is no wonder why Facebook Ad is spending growing and becoming best known as the digital advertising authority. Though, both the Google and Facebook advertising are fairly similar but in near future Facebook might beat Google with better reach, insights and obviously less pricing.

02. Facebook is Winning on Mobile and Video

In 2014, Facebook’s revenue growth has increased by mobile. Not only that, Facebook introduced the video streaming service which changed the number more impressively. What YouTube did in 10 years, Facebook reached the place within a year only by reaching 4 billion views per day. Today Facebook video is bigger than a brand like YouTube.

03. Facebook’s Very Own Search Engine

Facebook has introduced an in-app search feature last year which is a very powerful one. While posting something on your Facebook you can search for a related link to include it in the body of the post. This feature is so much reliable that one not need to search separately in the Google app or any other similar app. However this feature still has its limitations but within a few years, Facebook might bring a larger, stronger and a powerful version of it. And if it happens, people will no longer visit Google.

Facebook’s Very Own Search Engine

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04. The Social Future

As you all know about Google+ by which Google tried to get into the social world but very sadly couldn’t make it through. Most probably it was another worse product of Google after Google Wave. But talking about the efforts of the two, both are trying to reach the goal. And moreover, Facebook hasn’t just been playing with the virtual reality, it has finally stepped into it and already made a great deal with the Oculus rift. While on the other hand, Google is still playing.

The Social Future

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05. Secret Weapon of Understanding People

Talking about user preferences, Facebook has always kept a secret weapon to compete with Google. Google can map your search history and guess your intentions with some specific queries while Facebook knows how you speak to people. It knows who your friends are and how you act and react to them. And thus, it is getting better at combining information, learning from it and applying the knowledge in meaningful ways.

Secret Weapon of Understanding People

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In summary, Facebook has a lot more chance to beat Google in near future. Facebook’s CFO, Dave Wehner and CEO Mark Zuckerberg both said that they have plans for Facebook. They want to connect one billion users by each Facebook product and once they reach the goal then they will start aggressively monetize them.
According to Mark, over the next five years, their goal is to take all their next generation services to another level and help them to connect at least a billion user. They will make Facebook a cross-platform that will allow developers to build, modify and monetize their apps for every mobile platform. All of these plans are entirely possible within next five years. However, the interesting fact is that where there is a chance for Facebook to beat Google in five years, within next 10 years both of these social media giants can be entirely disappeared.


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