5 Reasons You Don’t Need the Title of “Leader”


Not everyone can be a leader, this is the harsh reality. You don’t need the title of leader, this is the confidence.

Mainly we use the term “leader” for someone who leads a group of people or organization through official authority and power along with inspiration and persuasion. And leadership starts from home. When you are able to lead your family, you are a leader. You have authority, self-direction, vision and all other leadership traits; still you don’t need the title of leader. Here are the reasons.

You Want to Live peacefully

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01. You Want to Live peacefully

Leadership comes with a lot of responsibilities and tensions. You have your own perception about life. You have every right to direct your life the way you want. As a leader you might not get your own space. Leadership sometimes can make you isolated. Your family and friends might misunderstand you for various reasons. You can’t please everyone and it is not your duty to please all the people around you. So to avoid mental and physical conflicts, avoid leadership.

02. You Want to Know Yourself Better

If you think of a leader’s perspective, you will see a leader needs to know others. As a leader it is necessary to have a clear idea about the people you lead. Observing and analyzing others don’t give you enough time to know your inner-self. It is very important to have a clear idea about your life, so when you are not a leader you get enough time to nourish yourself. If you are unable to discover your true-self, what can be the reason behind your existence?

03. You Want to be a Follower

Following doesn’t necessarily mean you must do what your idol does. You can follow someone to get a direction about your objective or vision. When you can’t figure out what to do or where to go, following an icon opens many ways in front of you so that you can achieve what you actually want. The common question is if everyone becomes leader then who will be the follower??

04. You Don’t Wish to Motivate Others

Motivating someone is really a difficult job and not everyone is fit for it. If you wish to lead your life without any difficulty, forget about leadership. When you can create positive impact on world by using your strengths, you are obviously involved in indirect leadership. You don’t need to impose anything on people. Your positive thoughts and works will influence the entire environment around you.

05. You don’t Need Visible Power

Leadership means power and power corrupts. Dominating others by force can never be someone’s target. It won’t give you peace rather it will increase your stress. Everyone has their area of dominance and with maturity, people get unveil those areas.You need to dominate your negative thoughts, not people. Visible power makes people greedy. And when you become greedy, you lose your soul.

Hope above reasons are enough to convince you that you don’t need the title of leader. Everyone is best in their position. Just a little practice of self-actualization can give you the feel of a leader. You are the leader of your own life and you just need to direct it in the right way.


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