12 Celebrities have a Twin that You Probably had no Idea about


The twins, without a doubt, are one of the coolest things in the entire world. When you find yourself with an identical person? Never, ever (except for having a twin, of course). You may find someone very similar, but never identical.

In addition, the twins share a lot more special bond than ordinary siblings; they share telepathy, feelings, and almost everything. But did you know that some celebrities have twins? No hiding in a cave, of course, but one is better known than the other.

Look at these 12 celebrities who have a twin much less famous than them.

#1 Duffy and Katy Ann.

More than once we have hummed “Mercy” to the hit of the Welsh singer who is quite a global celebrity. She is close to her twin sister Katy, with whom, indeed, she moved to live with for coping better with problems and tensions of fame.

Duffy and Katy Ann.

Image Credit: co.uk


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