Science Explains Why Some People are Afraid of Clowns


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Clowns are supposed to be fun and entertaining, but with his swollen and blood-red nose, red lips and white skin like a walking dead, it is clear that someone might find serious errors in calculating what entertains a child.

The clowns are out of control. They are invading cities around the world, scaring people, selling burgers and as candidates for President of the United States.

But right now we come to speak not just that, but the reasons why we take both wave of seeing a guy dressed as a clown.

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A man named Steven Schlozman who is a child psychiatrist, was in a Canadian television program to discuss the cases of sightings of clowns and why take both wave.

This man said:
“They are supposed to be fun, but they have been part of the canon of horror for some time, at least 20 years, equal or more.”

Yes, the man dared to blame the film and television by the deformation of an icon of fun.

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“We know how a person looks. They have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth; clowns too, but the clowns, with those facial expressions are exaggerated and ‘grotesque.’ There is a permanently drawn smile and a permanently drawn wave; you do not know what’s their motivation. That does give us afraid.”

We assume that this makes some sense, after all, many horror monsters or villains meet these characteristics. Jason, Slenderman, Slaughter in Texas, the subject of Halloween, and so on.

No matter what is the reason, what matters is that you have to finish them before it is too late.


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