The Hilltop Paradise



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Tucked away into the lap of the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the world’s underappreciated tourism sites. To lay bare the beauties of this pulchritudinous tiny kingdom, here we give 5 reasons to visit Bhutan:

1) Breath-taking sights: The mountain terrain and view on offer is one to bowl over anyone’s mind and eyes.
2) Unique culture: This tiny Himalayan nation is fraught with holy sites and diverse cultural offerings that will satiate any wants to see what the wider world has to offer.
3) The people: Bhutanese folks are reputed as some of kindest and nicest the human race has had to offer. And this stretches to even their king, whom the people prefer over democracy.
4) Adventure: For those with a thirst for thrill coursing their veins, the mountaineering, paragliding and other adventure sports on offer is something to seek out.
5) There are some natural, social and historical features exclusive to Bhutan. Take for instance, the national animal Takan, whose origin is buried in mythological tales. Then there are the child monks garbed in orange robes and extraordinary cuteness. And those fighting fast food addictions, believe it or not, there are no chain stores in Bhutan!


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