Why do Some People Love Spicy foods and Others Hate?


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Have you ever wondered why some people love spicy food, and there are some who just cannot tolerate? For example, your friend does not see the joy in the usual dishes. He should definitely send in your mouth for a meal made of clove or garlic, slices of hot pepper and bread lubricate mustard sauce. And if you are modestly silent about the spices, you belong to a different category. The thought of eating horseradish snacks gives you panic. But what makes people love or hate spicy food?

Taste tricks are in the power cord

Spicy foods seem to burn; but, in fact, it does not have an elevated temperature. Love or Hatred for garlic or chili is formed in the brain. Some people believe that spicy dish will harm the stomach, the intestinal mucosa. That is why they are struggling to avoid spicy tart additives. Actually pungency in the mouth – is an illusion, and spicy foods do not cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

This language can be taught!

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As explained by Chef Bill Phillips, an employee of Culinary Institute of America, specific substances give the pungency feeling after eating spicy products, for example, capsaicin contained in chili.

Alkaloids stimulate pain receptors on the tongue. While you can fully enjoy the taste, mouth mucosa acquires a purple hue, and it burns. It’s, however, just a feeling, rather than direct physical impact.

It is interesting that similar processes occur in the mouth when a person chews the leaves of peppermint. Getting on the same receptor, the contrary, they create the illusion of a cold.

Taste tricks are in the power cord

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Is there a gene responsible for hatred towards spicy food?

Bill Phillips is convinced that people are not born with a predisposition to acute food. Therefore, you cannot inherit from your mother’s hatred for garlic or horseradish. In fact, dietary habits are formed throughout life. A good example can be considered the experience of India and Mexico, where citizens are accustomed to spicy food from childhood.
For example, Mexican children often enjoy themselves candies with jalapenos taste, and thus in adults of these regions tolerance for spicy food is formed; and the representatives of these cultures begin to appreciate other qualities of spices. It is known that many spices have incomparable flavors. Their range is wide: from tropical fruit to tobacco.


This indicates a particular type of personality

From a psychological point of view, a craving for spicy food may indicate a certain type of personality. The scientists who conducted the study in the 80s of the last century, found that the passion for spices is more typical for thrilling, risk-taking and uncompromising personalities. These people like to jump with a parachute, engage in extreme sports and travel.

This indicates a particular type of personality

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 This language can be taught!

According to the experts, to increase tolerance for spicy dishes should have a gradual process. First you need to choose the most soft varieties of chili peppers, and then to move on to more pungent varieties. After some time, you will be able to eat spicy dish without five glasses of pure water.


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