At the Age of 21 He Made Million Dollars with a Blank Page


#2 A perfect model of effective collection

The mechanism was to sell each pixel to a dollar but as one would do no good, he organized packs of 10 x 10 pixels to U$D 100. This facilitated business investment. Thus began his mission, coming in first instance to family and friends where he got his first U$D 4,700 in just two weeks. Until then selling pixels had remained among friends promoting himself only word of mouth but his idea was destined to be noticed.

Timely collection immediately caught the attention of the media and through a press release. At the same time BBC broached the subject that was replicated by several magazines. This generated an immediate movement and attracted the attention of hundreds of other companies. That month already possessed the sum of U$D 250,000 and the number of visits helped it to make position among the most visited sites in the United States.

A perfect model of effective collection

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