At the Age of 21 He Made Million Dollars with a Blank Page


f you’ve ever dreamed you a fortune, you can not believe how easy it was for this young man.

Have you ever dreamed of making a million dollars? How many times you have spent hours with your friends thinking about what you should do with this coveted amount . A house here, another on the beach, cars, traveling, endless possibilities that come to mind. However, from time to time we landed in the harsh reality.

Although it seems completely impossible for us, there are people who achieve this dream. Some work more than others but probably none is as ingenious as this guy who at age 21 managed to gather a million dollars with little effort but much ingenuity.

#1 His initial motivation was to pay for studies

As a student Alex Tew’s target was not luxury cars or houses. When he was about to start his career in Business Management at the University of Nottingham realized that the money a student should spend on studies, could end up becoming a nightmare.

After thinking what to do to raise money, he came up with a remarkable idea, TheMillionDollarHomePage. He conducts a website covering one million pixels in white. Arranged in a square of 1000 × 1000 pixels, the space on the page is put on sale. The idea was to motivate other companies to have a permanent space in the prestigious and innovative million dollar page.

His initial motivation was to pay for studies

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