Quantico: Thrilling Tales and Storyline Fails


Last September ABC unveiled its new card in the entertainment industry, one known as Quantico. Starring Bollywood sex symbol Priyanka Chopra, it constructed the life of a newbie FBI agent who struggles with the professional and political challenges that break upon anyone new to the world of espionage. And while it offered plenty of shocking turns and spies spying on other spies, there were also plenty of loose ends that kept this a delicately balanced act between one that the crowd stands to applaud for and one which they throw rotten tomatoes at.

Image Credit: hdwallpapers.in

Acting; make no mistake, Priyanka Chopra, Josh Hopkins and co put on quite the spy characters. Their acting does brilliantly pour forth the hardships and highs of individuals who venture on this most difficult of professions. But at the same time, bits of their performance, such as characters becoming akin to love struck teenagers, seems out of place.

The storyline offers plenty. There are so many twists and double turns, it beats count. The M.O of a spy classic. But it loses points in the general plot. A framed good officer clearing her name is in truth a largely overcooked theme.

Some of the characters truly expand the image of a spy. Shelby, Simon, Caleb, all offer fresh perspectives on the workings of an agent. However a let-down lies in the two major characters, Alex and Ryan being a rather stereotypical FBI love couple.

Yes, there are many aspects of this show that we all may have seen in every other spy thriller. But what sets Quantico apart is how much the story changes direction, with a multitude of characters reversing their intentions. Giving Quantico plenty of individualism to counter its stereotypical aspects.


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