You Will Not Have a Second Chance to Make a First Impression


Do you want to be remembered? These rules will help you establish contact with any person you meet for the first time.

#1 Clothing

What you wear can tell a lot about you to strangers. Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in any clothing, as this will positively affect your mood. Suitable clothing, in addition, will not distract you and help tie a conversation first.


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#2 Smile

Psychologist James McConnell, who wrote the book “Understanding human behavior,” says that people who smile are able to manage and sell more effectively. In addition, their children are happier. Your facial expression, as a rule – it is the first aspect that the other person sees as the original judgment about you, and it is important to leave a good impression. Dale Carnegie, in his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” says that you have to be positive during a meeting with people, if you want them to treat you the same way.


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#3 Memorize the names

Dale Carnegie also writes in his book, that we should not forget the magic that is the name. It should be understood that it is the only element that is entirely owned by the person with whom we are dealing. In other words, people love when they are accessed by name. But we are so inundated with information, including the names of others; remember that another is often difficult. Nevertheless, it is essential for a positive first impression.

Memorize the names

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#4 Think about their intentions

What is your goal in creating a first impression? Do you want to make a new friend? Or to make the right business deal? A clear understanding of your intentions can help you understand what kind of energy should be used during the interaction. Also, you should know what information about yourself should tell in each individual case. Remember: it is important to be honest no matter what you are discussing.

Think about their intentions

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#5 Show a genuine interest

The famous magician Howard Thurston never goes on stage without first repeating this mantra to yourself: “I am grateful that these people have come to me. I’m going to give them the best I can. I love my audience.” Although most people do not plan to soon make a splash in the huge audience, the important thing here is that you can get a good first impression if you are genuinely interested in the person or people with whom you are meeting. Listen carefully, ask questions, encourage others to talk about their experiences. This will allow you to lead a more memorable conversation.

Show a genuine interest

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#6 Pay attention to your body language

Studies suggest that between 60 and 90% of communication with other people is nonverbal, so if you meet a person for the first time, it is important to pay attention to your body language. Stay straight, but be relaxed, lean, to show people that you listen to it, feel free to gesticulate when talking. In fact, it was proved that it improves the process of thinking. If in doubt, look at the body language of your interlocutor.

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#7 Make an effort to be kinder

It is often said that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, you should do something nice, especially to the person whom you did not know before. This can ensure that you will make a good impression.

Make an effort to be kinder

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#8 Get rid of the bad mood

Sometimes it is very hard not to let your mood affect how you interact with other people. If you had a bad day, it might make sense to abandon plans for the evening. Or get rid of a bad mood, listening to your favorite music or viewing funny videos. Your attitude affects people, regardless of whether you do it intentionally or not. Therefore, a positive attitude in any interaction with other people is very important to bring.

Get rid of the bad mood

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