6 Reasons Learning to Code Is Unimportant


Unless you are knee deep into JavaScript, Python and all these programming languages, you need to take a few steps back and rethink your fascination. Is coding really worth it? Here are 6 reasons why it is not:

  1. It’s a skill; but not entirely necessary – Okay, it’s cool and geeky to sit in front of a laptop and come up with all these weird, abysmal code languages, but does it have any implication in your actual work life?
  2. Coding is getting easier, so don’t need to ‘learn’, just ‘do’ – YouTube is filled with tutorials and samples. All you need to do is watch and replicate.
  3. Can hire programmers/outsource – there are software developers who can be hired to do all the monotonous coding for you. Plus, coding will be done in developing economies due to comparative advantages shifting.
  4. Design is more important – There are other necessary skills that you can sharpen – Design; whether it’s graphics design or user interface design.
  5. If it’s not passion, don’t push it – until or unless you want to be the next Bill Gates, you will find the thrill of programming will wear out real soon. So, try to know whether you are actually in this or not.

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