15 Bizarre Facts about Brain : You might Feel a Little Itchy inside Your Head!


The brain is the driving force of the entire body. It controls all the functionality of the body and directs its actions.

It is the command center of the human nervous system, receiving data from the sensory organs and sending out information to the muscles.

The human brain has the same basic structure of other mammalian brains, but is larger relative to body size than all other brains. However, apart from all these cool facts, the brain is also the strangest part of the human body; some facts about the brain might cause a little itch inside your head. Nonetheless, it is always fun to know thins; so learn about 15 strange facts about the brain.

#1 It does not feel pain

The brain does not contain pain receptors, so it cannot feel pain! This is the reason why brain surgery can be performed on the patient while he/she is still awake!

It does not feel pain

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