These 20 Famous Celebrities have Historical Doppelgangers that are Surely Gonna Creep You Out!


It’s been often said that each one of us has minimum one person in this world whose look completely resembles to us. The saying might or might not be match the reality; however, some people have proven to have an identical one with whom they have no relation whatsoever, and they do not have to necessarily exist in the same era. Someone in the distant past or future could look just like me and you. And, surprisingly enough, some of the world-famous celebrities also have their identical matches who lived way before they were born. What follows is a list of some famous celebrities who have creepy look-alikes from the distant past.

#1 Henry David Thoreau and Ellen Degeneres

Apart from the gender and the beard, the historical man looks just like the famous Ellen. You might have to use your imagination a bit, but you’ll get it in no time.

Henry David Thoreau and Ellen Degeneres

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