15 Cool Tips on How to turn Everyone’s Mind in Your Favor, Including You!


To live in society and deal with people is a task that can be simply excruciating, because there is no way of knowing what actually goes on in people’s minds, which would be helpful to avoid unnecessary complications. As if this was not already enough, there are times when our own minds do not seem to cooperate and insist to betray us in times we need them to be most reliable, for example.

So, wouldn’t it be great if we could circumvent these problems in any way? Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could take advantage of people’s behavior or make them think what you want them to think indirectly? What about yourself, it would be nice to know how to program for a job interview or a presentation to an audience?

Here are 19 tips that can help you to trick the minds of the people and your own in your favor.

#1 Remember, people are more open to those who see eye to eye

So when you meet someone for the first time, try to find out the color of their eyes, as you smile at them. Your gaze makes the person more receptive to your advantages, whatever they may be.

Remember, people are more open to those who see eye to eye

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