15 Strange Historical Facts the Authors of History Books Kept Hidden From Us!


In high school, history lessons almost always deal about heroic deeds and important revolutions to the progress of humanity. However, it turns out, that most of the details of these passages (especially the most sordid) often ignored by textbooks … just can not forget, of course, about the uncleanness of the Middle Ages.

Nevertheless, we must know that not everything in the path of man to the present day was made of glories. Many of our advancements were mere coincidences marked by moments of “Hellenes” stupidity, either by lack of resources or sheer ignorance of our ancestors.

Well, to “throw the fan” … these things that historians do not write about the past, we prepared a ghastly list which includes some of those hidden facts! That’s because today we handle on some of the most bizarre facts of history that a very few people know.

#1 Errors in the United States Constitution

The most important document of a country need to be flawless, right? It should be without errors, at least in theory. This is not the case when it comes to the Constitution of the US. For example, the “Magna Carta” of the United States comes with some spelling and grammar errors!

Errors in the United States Constitution

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