Grills That Give Chills


Image Courtesy: Michael Saechang

Burritos and Tacos are arguably Mexico’s greatest export. And Chipotle have been one of the finest at carrying the culinary message the world over. However while delving into the tongue wooing delights is something few have shown the resolve to resist, amidst the kaleidoscope of spices and meats, there are enough health enemies to sponsor a rethink.

First and foremost, the animal lives that sacrifice themselves for our stomachs. While it is true Chipotle’s animal welfare standards have reportedly been better than many counterparts, they are still mostly enshrouded and hence unclear. Another factor to bring to mind is the fact that Chipotle does not disclose the source of animals for its beef products. Creating doubts over the environmental splash these imports are spreading. From the animals, to ingredients. Chipotle did pull a social responsibility award worthy act by becoming the first US national restaurant company to publish a full ingredient list. Disappointingly that list showed up trans fats and GMO ingredients, both of which, either outright bad for health or unknown regarding impact on body.

It’s true, we are usually slave to our tongue but sometimes it begs necessity to use our brain to establish abstinence. And if a lifelong banishment seems too far ahead, one can always start smaller. Say no Chipotle’s for the next two months, now that sounds a convenient number to begin with no?


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