Immigrant Problems: The Celestial Edition


2015 saw the dawning of the next great age of human development as we left our first prints on Mars. While our red neighbor offered plenty of warm early welcomes for starting human life over there, here however, are six reasons to not make the planetary jump.


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This isn’t moving abroad for better opportunities. It is saying goodbye to your home and loved ones for good. Why turn away from all those who cared for you in exchange of being surrounding by no known shoulder to cry on.

Uncharted horizons await for those willing to gamble. There is no certain way of determining how successful the attempted colonization of a foreign atmosphere will be.

Craving atmosphere. Why? Because Mars does not have one and establishing civilization will in all probability require creating an artificial variety. Even if successful, no guarantee of sustainability.

Nuclear society. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stated the best way for habituating the Martian surface would be to nuke the poles and allow the fallout and heat to permeate suitable temperatures and other desired changes in the environment. Who’s to tell the remnants of this nuclear assault will not come back and haunt the humans who wish to make use of it?

Unknown outcome. Say we set up gatherings on Mars and they grow into self-perpetuating communities but what would the Earth-Mars relationship then be alike? Political vacuums may well take birth and destabilize the lives of people on both planets.

At the end of the day, Mars is way out there in space. With such disparity in living conditions, the culture on Mars may well diverge significantly from human norms here on earth, creating two sects of the human race and divide us instead of uniting us.
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