What Do You Need to Increase Motivation


Increase Motivation

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Even if we set ourselves some purpose and enthusiasm start to move in its direction, we do not always get to achieve the desired results. Often the problem is not the lack of motivation we have, but the counterproductive way of thinking.

When you think about improving motivation, you will most likely think of the method of carrot and stick. And if you set out to lose weight, then, of course, it seems that the problem is the gingerbread. You come to the logical conclusion that you lack discipline and you cannot control yourself. That is why you are willing to pay for the sufferings in the gym. If it is impossible to get up at 6 in the morning and go for a run, maybe even you can hire a coach to train you!

But, paradoxically, no coach will not judge you as harshly as you do. No matter what you do like several times postpone the alarm signal in the morning, miss training or tightly eat before bedtime, you will be still upset and will blame yourself. You sometimes doubt that if you even have the willpower. Maybe you are doomed to an unhealthy lifestyle. Maybe laziness is in your genes, and nothing can be done. Such thoughts have very strong impact on motivation.

Somehow, it is believed that people who lead a healthy lifestyle, have an iron will. They get up early in the morning and go to the gym, no matter what.

Why is it just a myth

Psychological studies of Self-compassion, the affect, and health-Promoting behaviors confirmed that people who support a healthy lifestyle, do not only have great strength of will, but they have more developed ability of Self-compassion and self-regulation.

Rather than blaming yourself for any mistakes, think of ways you can change your behavior. Instead of saying “II can’t do anything,” say, “yesterday I made a mistake but today I have to do my best.” This way of thinking helps to take a sober look at the situation, without being distracted by emotions.

Try not to blame yourself rather create all the conditions to achieve the desired result. If you still think, you have a lack of motivation; take help from your best friend. And remember, your life will not depend on others, but you need to take help from someone who understands you.

Treat yourself with compassion. It’s not just what you deserve. It is also the surest way to solve the problem of motivation.


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