The ‘Dead Mermaid’s Image that Flooding the Internet : What does it Prove?


Dead Mermaid

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Is this picture poses as the ultimate proof about the existence of the mythical creature ‘Mermaids?’ According to the recently published videos and images, a washed up Mermaid have been found on a beach in the United Kingdom, and hence raises the question : “are these ‘mythical’ creatures really exist only in myths?” Some reports say that in the January of the year 1493, the legendary adventurer Christopher Columbus saw these creatures at a place close to what is today known as Haiti.
A man have claimed of making the discovery of something that looks to be the unusual corpse of a creature consists of fish-like features mixed with those of a human being!
The ones that believe in the existence of the ‘Mermaids,’ this recently released video, which looks to be featuring the widely known mythical creature is surely an element to be fascinated.
The man named Paul Jones who uploaded some pictures of the dead Mermaid on the internet, says that he took the pictures at Norfolk beach, Great Yarmouth, UK. The pictures that he posted have been shared several thousand times on almost all the popular social media sites and still being the cause of a large debate to ravel out the pictures and their genuineness.
Jones captioned his social media posts as “Today we have come across something at Great Yarmouth that looks like a Mermaid lying washed up on the seashore.”

The Mermaids are actually mythical creatures that are half-fish and half-human. Their macrocosm dates back to thousands of years back from now when the Greek Pliny and early Arabian sailors made alleged claim of Mermaid-sightings around 600 AD.

It is interesting that after over half a millennium of the claims of Arabians and Greeks, Christopher Columbus also said that he has seen the Mermaids near the place that today known as Haiti.

The grisly pictures show something that appears to be a decomposing corpse of a strange creature that matches the features of a mermaid. The supposed mythical creature’s torso looks to be rotting at an alarming rate while the fishy tail attached with the torso looks to be comparatively in better condition and well-preserved.

The video evidence (attached with this post) confirms that there was actually a strange corpse that resembles the descriptions of a mermaid, however it doesn’t clearly prove that it is actually of the mythical creature. Well, many would like to think so.

Video Credit: KingBang Channel


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