The Fast Food Marathon


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McDonald’s has finally yielded to its one beforehand unfulfilled requests, the all-day breakfast. This of course means if anyone does not feel like a McChicken or Big Mac at lunch, they can always call upon the taste powers of sausage McMuffin with egg and sausage burritos. So does it actually bring a boon to consumers? Answer is mostly yes. For late risers, they wouldn’t have to bear the disappointment of missing the breakfast train and forced to hop the lunch airways. For others who simply prefer breakfast meals at later times, their hitherto branded as weird fancies, perhaps rightly so, have now finally been catered to. And finally, for those clawing at every chance of a calorie cut, this may well be their sharp edge. Breakfast items on average brim with fewer calories by percentage than lunch menu items and the like and hence offer an all-day McDonald’s fat cut scheme.


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