Medical Hypnosis : Have you Ever been Hypnotized?


Medical Hypnosis

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Have you ever been hypnotized? If you have not been, surely the simple question will cause resentment. And it is not a decision to be taken lightly, especially when we think we’re talking about past lives, spirit and mind . This time we will reflect a little more on the subject and we will see from the medical point of view.

For more than 26 years in neuroscience, Dr. Antonio Alcalá Malave has investigated the relationship of his patients with their emotions, which resulted in a tremendous affinity between diseases and distant memories of their ancestors. This discovery led to the book “The genetics of emotion: The origin of the disease,” postulated that expressed from a scientific view that our body is genetically predisposed to developing diseases embedded in the DNA. The most interesting fact is that these could be helpful in discovering their cause of illness with the help of regression.

The intriguing story is about the reader from the theory of love, depicting it as an intangible but powerful force that lives within the human being. Place emphasis on the spirit or soul, which could recover our physical bodies and psychological diseases.

Hypnosis is methodical in its execution, and while there are various forms of application (colors, aromas, mantras, sounds) all seek the same thing: bring to a state where we can outsource that which prevents us from enjoying life fully.

And is the process of life itself which could cause a metamorphosis of our DNA, because the environment and the atmosphere are changing us, transformations are also transmitted to new generations.

This postulate could be the solution to many diseases with no known origin. Hence the art of hypnotizing will open your mind to new ideas and help you lose the fear and illness that lives deep within you. And now that you know that hypnosis could cure diseases, would you dare to try?


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