Why Do Most People Never Succeed?


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Jim Rohn, American business coach and author of books on self-development says, “Many people do not achieve success simply because they focus on minor things.”

Having a lot of money does not mean “success”. Many people have a lot of money but their lives are terribly unhappy and totally unbalanced. Being successful means, constantly improving, constantly improve the way we live, how we work and how to treat others.

So why do most people do not succeed? Why many people do not evolve?

To succeed, you cannot remain with little successful people for long periods of time. You cannot keep eating junk food, regardless of the eating habits of your partner or colleagues. You must spend your days doing high quality activities. The more success you have – what is achieved by finding the balance between some essential things (spiritual, relational, financial, physical) in your life and eliminating everything else -less can justify the low quality.

Before evolve, you can spend a reasonable amount of time with almost everyone. You can eat sensibly anything you have before you. You can reasonably justify the activities and behaviors that are, frankly, mediocre. As you extend your view of yourself, you realize that you have to make certain modifications. You need to reduce the costs money and wasting time on nonsense entertainment. You have to save more and invest more in your education and your future. The more success you have, the less you can justify the low quality and you should be more focused.

Your daily behavior will be more systematically high quality – and increasingly higher quality. It’s not about perfection. Definitely, it is not about being busy all the time. In fact, the balance of true success is what Tim Ferriss called “mini-retirements” or regular sabbaticals. Still, if your daily behavior is consistently of poor quality, what outcome do you expect?

You need to make high quality decisions and you also need to stay in higher quality relationships. Every area of your life affects other aspects of your life.

So they say: As you do something, you do it all well. This only makes sense for people who have removed from their lives everything they hate. To really live this principle, your normal daily life can only be filled with those things that you value. When your days are filled with only those essential cores that mean everything to you, success will come to you.

When you eliminate everything else gradually and live intentionally and consistently, you have momentum and balance. You become who you really want to be, every day. Doing this, in fact, not only it takes time, but it is very difficult to put into practice. Saying “No” to people can be difficult but it is important. Abandoning bad habits is also difficult, but it is the best.

It requires courage to change your belief system and expand vision. It is easy to return to small and mediocre thinking. However, as you begin to live daily according to your values and ideals, wonderful things begin to happen. You’ll feel happier. You will be more present with your loved ones. You will take advantage of better time. You shall pursue your biggest dreams and ambitions. You’ll be stronger for the difficulties. You’ll live a life of higher quality. And you will pass positive vibes to others.

Always remember the words of Jim Rohn. Most people are trapped in the thought of insignificant things Therefore, most people will not succeed, and they will not evolve or will progress. But you will. You know and you can feel. You have already begun. And every day you’re one step closer. Once you pass the point of no return, nothing will stop you.

Don’t just run after success, know what success looks like and make yourself prepare every single day.


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